“Kindness informed by wisdom is
the foundation of our coaching work.”
Founder, San Francisco, CA
“Le coaching cherche à réveiller ce qu’il y a de
plus grand et de plus noble en chacun de
nous. Notre monde en a bien besoin.”
Faculty, Ottawa, Canada
“Compassion for yourself opens the gateway
to compassion for others.”
Faculty, Cape Town, South Africa
“Life is emerging: forming and re-forming
itself in every moment, asking of us,
‘what is true now?’”
Faculty, San Rafael, CA
“Coaching frees people to bring extraordinary
humanity and dignity to life, spreading
ripples through their communities.”
Faculty, London, England
“A través del coaching diseñamos y
construimos puentes: puentes internos para
integrar nuestro ser y puentes hacia nuestro
mundo, para crear impacto positivo.”
Faculty, Bogotá, Colombia
“I coach because it’s the expanse of my soul
captured in the poetry of instant connection.”
Faculty, Cape Town, South Africa